Realising that

Whole Systems Change

An illustration of a tree, showing the roots under ground and arrows indicating how everything works together.

We use the picture of a tree because growing a healthy and sustainable culture is more like nurturing a garden rather than installing a machine. 

To grow a successful garden you must first prepare good soil, plant the right seeds, and then maintain an environment which optimises the growth of healthy plants. Every culture is unique and it will grow differently depending on how you take care of it. All gardeners and farmers know that manure is a great fertilizer so when issues and crises arise, you better be ready to work through them.

A big tree in a green forrest.

Photo by veeterzy on Unsplash

The inner (invisible) and outer (visible) worlds are both part of our perceived realities and it also has an individual (personal) and collective (group/society) dimension that creates the image that we call the Human Whole System Change image.

In order to address any changes in the outer world around us, we believe we need to work and evolve in all four quadrants to make a true and sustainable transformation happen.