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Who We Are

A picture of Tor as a baby.
Tor Eneroth
My personal core values are continuous learning because I believe I will never have all the answers or be complete. So I seek first to understand, then to be understood. And I always start to trust people I meet and constantly work on trusting myself so I can be trusted and grow close and authentic relations. Connection before content!I constantly strive to make a difference for the people around me and the society I am part of, so that we all and future generations can experience true wellbeing. To accomplish this I remind myself again and again, to come from a space of non-judgement and compassion and value generosity by regarding and sharing everything I have done and do as a free source of energy so that we can create and care for a better world for all, together.
A picture of Tor today.
A picture of Phil as a baby.
Phil Clothier
My parents instilled the values of service and compassion in me from a very young age.  They said “as soon as someone comes into our home they are part of our family and deserve as much love, care and attention as anyone else”. I saw them caring for others but they were not very good at caring for themselves.  This part of the equation I had to learn by myself, the hard way.  I have discovered that the only way I can truly serve is by focusing on my own wellbeing and inner peace.   I have had many wonderful experiences in the field of values, culture and transformation but even so I choose to come to this work with a beginner's mind and stay open to the learning and possibilities that emerge every day.

Here are my top 10 personal values:
Compassion (love in action) — courage, ease with uncertainty — enthusiasm/ positive attitude — environmental awareness — future generations — humour/ fun — perseverance — personal growth — well-being (physical/ emotional/ mental/ spiritual)
A picture of Phil today.
If you're wondering

What exactly is Amcara?

Amcara is not an organisational entity in the traditional sense. There is not a registered company or set of accounts. Amcara is an idea and shared identity which allows us to collaborate and welcome others to work with us for a shared purpose.

Phil & Tor both operate from their own companies;

Phil Clothier Ltd in the UK.
Company Number 13339242

Eneroth Consulting & Co AB in Sweden.
Company Number 556812-0710