Working with amcara

Setting Expectations

Before we start...

...we would like to share our ideas that will help set shared expectations for the work ahead.

We love to hear your input on these ideas so that we can truly align our individual needs and expectations for healthy, productive, and successful collaboration and partnership.

Overall Principles for Collaboration

Transformation takes time. When it comes to culture, speed is not a success factor. While we will help you to keep momentum, this work and progress will unfold at its own natural speed, and it is good to relax into this rather than trying to rush. Rushing this work would be like telling the doctor that you want the baby in 4 months rather than 9. In this sense you could even say slow is fast.

Change & Transformation. Change is what happens out there, in our systems, processes, structures, policies, products, and services etc. Transformation happens inside our individual and collective minds and hearts. It is an entirely new way of perceiving self, others, and the world around us which influences the way we feel, think, speak and act in each moment. Change is impermanent and can be changed back again. However, once the duck appears from the egg or the butterfly from the chrysalis, it can never goback. This is transformation. When transformation happens in our inner space and culture, the outer changes become so much easier(and even possible).

What you can expect from us

Connection before content. Many meetings start by jumping right into the agenda and tasks. We will often slow down at the start of a meeting or workshop to connect at a human level. When people feel heard, seen, and safe, the business part of the meeting flows much easier.

We might say things that are challenging or trigger difficult, fear-based emotions in you. We do not do this because we want to hurt you; on the contrary we care deeply and know that unless we address these situations directly, they will fester and grow much worse. This is tough love and means that we are not attached to whether you like us or not, only to supporting you in the transformation you wish to achieve.

We are not coming with a cookie-cutter solution. Every cultural transformation or personal / leadership development journey is unique. We will evolve the next steps as we go along. We will work alongside you responding to your individual needs and intentions as the journey unfolds. There will be times that we do not know the answer or the next step. Through questions and dialogue, we can find options and possibilities together

As your consultants, guides, coaches, we are also on our own personal development path. We are not perfect, we experience doubts and fears, but we are also invested in our own process of transformation, always. Your transformation and ours is not separate and we will grow together.

What we ask and expect from you

This is a collective personal journey Many organisations starta ‘transformation’ journey with high hopes and good intentions but without personal investment, the energy tends to fizzle out quickly. With personal courage, trust, willingness, and commitment, especially for the leaders, amazing things can happen, and you will probably surprise and delight yourselves.

Bumps along the road are highly likely. Once you start on apath of personal and cultural transformation, life (or the universe) has a way of throwing obstacles and challenges in the way to test our commitment and also provide important life lessons that help us to become wiser and stronger. You might be tempted to give up but keep going as working through these challenges is a vital part of the transformational journey.

You are NEVER NOT contributing to shaping the culture. Through every thought, word, and action you are either transmitting life affirming energy that is healing and transforming the culture or life depleting energy that is bringing more toxicity to the culture. Beaware that what you think, say, and do matters.