Our 5 Values


We believe that Generosity of spirit is the openness to share our gifts freely with others, joyously and willingly and without expectation of receiving anything in return.  We can only keep that which you give away.


What becomes possible when we infuse work with play? Play for us is about spontaneous activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. Creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere with curiosity and welcoming the unexpected.


(Physical / Emotional / Mental / Spiritual)

 We believe that wellbeing is a practice, not a state.  The core of that practice is compassion (love in action) to all living entities in every moment - especially to self. 


This starts inside with Trust in ourselves and our intuition and feelings. We then aspire to grow mutual trust in relationships or choose to walk away. We often say, “connection before content”.


Transformation is paradoxical.  It requires commitment and practice and yet the deepest and most powerful transformation happens when we allow things to be exactly as they are.  It is a personal journey and yet we often need support and guidance from others along the way.  Transformation requires that we let go of those aspects of self that no longer serve, so our true authentic self can shine; and yet accepting that we are perfectly imperfect.